“Prescription of the correct cure is dependent on a rigorous analysis of the reality.” ― Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’oDecolonising the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature

Spreading Seeds Wellness Center - Mind Body Spirit (SSWC) teaches wellness principles and leadership skills for self-mastery. Through the constant search for knowledge, wisdom and understanding, Spreading Seeds teaches evidence based leadership skills to develop achievable goals and aspirations for life's journey for the individual, family and community.  Cultural wellness tools for youth and young adults are taught to assist participants to understand the context of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Complex and historical trauma, but more significantly the cultural wellness tools that exist to live a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit, that ultimately result in overall wellness and self-awareness.  Through self-reflection and self-discipline activities participants are mentored and encourage to understand the significance of making mindful choices in their lives towards their healing and goals. 

Spreading Seeds foundation is based on a de-colonial methodology, indigenous cultural and spiritual paradigms, physical activities (indoor/outdoor), universal principles, mentorship, and the Socratic method, which are holistically used to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.  Spreading Seeds intention is to assist participants to discover their own gifts about themselves, in essence to truly “know thy self” while participating in practices thatdevelop self-mastery, self-awareness, grit and character. The ultimate goal of all Spreading Seeds workshops is for participants to develop a personal plan formulated through knowledge, wisdom and understanding to reach their personal goals by utilizing cultural wellness tools for peace of mind, and personal success. 

Spreading Seeds utilizes the evidence based 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens training for the leadership program and conducts personal narrative writing workshops entitled Writing to Heal.  In the writing workshops participants discover their own patterns of behavior and the possible life experiences that may have created the archetypal wounds of abandonment, shame, and betrayal.  Youth and young adults are mentored on their journey to heal from trauma through writing selected areas of their personal narrative to find their own inner peace and healing, and to develop healthy habits towards wellness and self-mastery.  


  • Learn to keep inwardly calm and clear in the midst of violent chaos

  • Not forgetting the possibility of disorder in times of order - The Book of The Five Rings - Minamoto Musashi


  • To develop a persons character based on universal principles 

  • To develop grit: a combination of passion and persistence

  • To develop a practice of consistent self-discipline and self-mastery in areas of the mind, body and spirit

  • To develop cultural wellness practices for optimal wellness, mental health and healing

  • Increase self-awareness and knowledge of one self and culture

  • Increase critical thinking and self-reflection skills and techniques

  • To assist in the development of short and long term goals with youth and young adults

  • To decolonize the mind


"Dear Fidel, Thank you for presenting at our annual All Staff Workshop las Sunday. The concept of empathic listening you discussed for both the instructors and customer and service staff hit the nail on the head for what I felt they needed to 'sharpen the saw' for the work they do with children and parents enrolling at my gymnastics centers.  The discussion on character being a quality of tremendous importance personally and professionally was directly in line with our Mission Statement and Philosophy, and introducing the concept of meditation to them as a way to focus more deeply and manage stress in their lives was a true gift....You did a terrific job Fidel.  At the end of the day when I asked for their favorite talks and best ideas learned your name came up."   - Jeff Lulla / Founder & President, Fun and Fit Gymnastic Centers / 9/16/2015

Participant experiences with Spreading Seeds: Mind Body Spirit 

“This class has planted the seed in me big time. I want to spread more seeds to other people. What I learned is positive… how to live different. To fight for my life and move forward, come up in the world for me and my kids, my eating habits, physical, breathing and anger; and I find myself thinking different. I want to break the cycle of my life and show my kids different in every angle of life. I want everything I could get from this class and pass on…”

“It makes me think about what really goes on and what happened in my life.”

“Spreading Seeds is a good opportunity for a better life and you will learn how to deal with life! Thank you for your time!”

“Spreading seeds made me gain new knowledge that I didn’t know before. It made me realize that it feels good to stretch everyday. Right now I am working on myself… to not relapse.”

“The Spreading Seeds program have been effect in my life on some level it has inspired me to be a better man as well as a father and also it help me spiritual as well a physical and to get a better hold on my life and to know my history that the did not teach me in school.”

“Fidel’s class (Spreading Seeds) has really helped my life in a big way. He gave me hope for myself and my family. I see the world in a whole other way I understand the life cycle. Enirere!”

“Spreading Seeds has really change my life, the way I think and how I act. Now I don’t snap on people no more. Fidel has taught me the 7 breaths and that has really helped me a lot with my anger. My point is that without this class I will be a lose. If it wasn’t for this class I would still have an anger problem.” 

“Health-showing me how to keep in good shape and healthy. Kung Fu- building me stronger physically and also mentally. Room of knowledge- teaching me a lot of things about me and my ancestors that I would of never learned.”  

“Knowledge makes you feel better. Breathing makes you feel better.”

“This program has affected my life in many ways. One of them being that I learned about my Mexican heritage, and the real history behind the American empire. But yet I have a lot to change and work on myself spiritually, physically and mentally.”

“Puberty...Marriage...Child bearing… Death… smart class, positive.”

“I been learning a lot of positive thinks like Health it makes me feel good. I love doing exercise.”