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The Oracles of Hip Hop

divine forces radio (dfrfocuses on raising awareness, consciousness and truthfulness as an antidote for historical amnesia and healing through critical thinking interviews and conscious and uplifting music.

For over 10 years divine forces radio hosted and produced by Fidel Rodriguez has engaged and entertained its listeners through conscious hip hop music, critical thinking and enlightening information through interviews on culture, global spiritual traditions, history, health and politics.  Developed from one of the most engaging radio shows ever launched at Clear Channels 92.3 The Beat back in 1998, divine forces radio, formerly "Seditious Beats", was hosted and produced by Fidel Rodriguez with  DJ Icy Ice of the World Famous Beat Junkies.  “Seditious Beats” first aired on KKBT FM (92.3 FM "The Beat") where it premiered in February of 1998, and eventually evolving into divine forces radio and adding resident DJ's Orator, Counterstryke, and Breeze with many guest DJ's over the years. 

Since its inception in 1998 to its departure in 2009, the growth of divine forces radio was nothing short of spectacular:

·     Increased its ad revenue and also increased its listener ship by 275%.
·     Went from #14 in Arbitron ratings, to the #1 radio program in Los Angeles in its time slot within 3 months of its debut.
·     Currently airing on the strongest radio station in the United States -- 112,000 watts KPFK (90.7FM) in Los Angeles and KPFK (98.7FM) in Santa Barbara
·     Diverse audience with strong Latino and African American following.
·     divine forces radio /Seditious Beats & Fidel Rodriguez also have received awards for their commitment to social and community issues from United States Congresswomen Maxine Waters for "years of dedication to raising consciousness, promoting unity and providing our youth creative avenues for positive change through the radio airwaves” and former State Senator Tom Hayden for their “enormous and continuous efforts to touch and transform lives through conscious radio”.

·     dfr received its second award for seven years of dedication to conscious radio in Los Angeles from Congresswoman Maxine Watters, "divine forces radio (dfr) in recognition of the seventh anniversary of one of the best programs on radio today featuring conscious hip-hop music and promoting political awareness, and for all the positive and devoted work dfr has done to uplift, enlighten, and educate while entertaining its listening audience and the community".

·     divine forces radio was nominated for Best Radio Show in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly for 2005.

·     Certificate of Appreciation presented to divine forces radio May 2006 “Thank You For Making A Difference” Antonio R. Villaraigosa Mayor

·     Recognition on divine forces radio 9 Year Anniversary February 21st, 2007 Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa

·     Certificate of Appreciation presented to Fidel Rodriguez May 22, 2007 “For your commitment and dedication to serving the City of Los Angeles’ 30th Anniversary Celebration of Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month” Antonio R. Villaraigosa Mayor

·     “Certificate of Special Recognition presented to Divine Forces Radio February 21, 2008 on the occasion of its 10th Anniversary celebrating a decade of revolutionary radio programming that strives to raise consciousness by sharing the wisdom of ancient cultures and the struggles for justice in our society in a format that entertains as well as enlightens its listeners; and in recognition of its strong support of positive programs that help improve the quality of life of inner city youth in Los Angeles and beyond”  Maxine Waters Member of Congres.

Innovative, positive, and exciting, divine forces radio flawlessly blends music, education, in-studio guests, and spiritual consciousness within theme-based shows.  There is even a “Word of the Week”, where listeners improve their vocabulary and comprehension while having a chance to win books (over 3300 in the past 10 years) to promote literacy in Los Angeles. With songs intertwined with entertaining movie sound bites and knowledge breaks that are sure to make you scratch your head in astonishment, dfr focuses on seeking the root of “truth”.

Some past guest have been: KRS-ONE, Reverend Michael Beckwith, Thich Nhan Hanh, Public Enemy, Dilated Peoples, Russell Simmons, Africa Bambaataa, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Tony Touch, Brother J (X-Clan), David Icke, Miguel Ruiz, RZA, Sifu Shi Yan Ming, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, SWAY (MTV), Talib Kwali, Gang Starr, Immortal Technique, Del The Funkyhomosapian Ozomatli, Luis Rodriguez, Akil (Jurassic 5), DJ Q-bert, DJ Revolution, Jeff Chang, Tommy Chong, Chief Joseph Chasing Horse, Sabac Red, Orval Looking Horse, Jose Arguelles, Super Natural, Lady Bug Mecca, Psycho Realm, and many others.
divine forces radio- Listener Comments

“Popular education is a rare find in radio these days, especially when the focus is relevant to many young minds who are at the crossroads of identity construction and development.”  – dfr Listener Renee Rodriguez – Orange County Human Relations Commission

“Hello divine forces radio,

I just wanna say thank you for putting together the beautiful show every Friday night. It's educational and I am always inspired and bugging out on the knowledge you share with me. Much peace to you folks at divine forces radio.” Porschia Baker

“Your show inspired me so much brotha, because I have a learning disability and you’ve help motivate me so much…..I’m not the best reader but two years ago listening to dfr I started reading books and now I am hooked” Maskman MC

“I first heard the show (dfr) about five or six weeks ago and I haven’t missed it since.  You dudes break it down for all of the people who aren’t knowing what’s really going down in this world.” Faithful Listener, Ulysses Washington III

“I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 7 years now, and your show (dfr) is one of the most original and stimulating programs (radio or otherwise) that I’ve experienced since I’ve lived here.” E. Christian Moore

“divine forces radio exposes listeners to information that is left out from the news and commercial of rap radio…dfr is the only hip hop radio show that encourages listeners to be aware of the events of the world…..and is an inspiration for young hip hop listeners who believe in social justice”.  Karl Pacho

After 8 year hiatus, Divine Forces Radio returns for a one time special show with Fidel Rodriguez and DJ Orator. Special Guest include Associate Professor Najeeba Sayeed at Claremont School of Theology, Professor Robert Hernandez at the USC School of Social Work and Mr. Harrold Grammar CEO of non profit organization New Earth discuss the topics of violence in America, history, gentrification, structural violence, healing and Decolonizing music.  Click on sound cloud link below:

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